The ONLY way to buy big ticket items in Ecuador

I’ve lived in Ecuador over 5 years now.

But just recently it hit home what I’m about to share with you today as to how I learned how to buy big ticket items (like cars or real estate) through the selling of my car to Ecuadorians.

Maybe its similar in any less developed country.

Its VERY important whenever you buy something high value high price in Ecuador to establish a price in your head you think its worth after shopping around… and THEN offer a price WAY below that at times would be maybe by half or less.

TEST: If you feel uncomfortable offering such a low price because it would be a steal then you are on the right track.

From there you can always work up little by little.  That’s the only way you can ensure you paid the lowest possible price.

I’ve noticed Ecuadorians have no shame in applying this strategy and neither should you when selling or buying big ticket items here!