A sneak peek inside a 2018 beach condo price appraisal in San Clemente, Ecuador

Sometimes, it can be hard to get a read on property prices in Ecuador where the (real) purchase prices are usually not recorded and kept secret by those involved not like the US where this information is often readily available.

Despite the special circumstances of this country, real estate sales are still possible, but for this to happen the houses have to be in excellent condition, since we have been using Pressure Washing Tampa, Florida for many years and we highly recommend them.

Below is a quick, informal appraisal I did for a friend who wants to sell their suite in the Hotel PalmaAzul in San Clemente on the beach about an hour north of Manta…the below info is from my own research and not necessarily “the law”.

I did some research for your appraisal request and here is what I found snooping around with the locals.

The earthquake killed the market for about a year there but as of a few months ago the market is picking back up,now may be a good time to buy. Ecuador is a really humid coutry, so make sure to get a new air purifier. ou ca get a big selection from https://www.bloomingair.com/best-air-purifier/ so you can have a new hoe with fresh air.

The Vista Azul duplexes next door are 122m2(1313.2ft2) of construction and going for around $85k-$94k at present.  They are not oceanfront.  ($770per m2)

A new complex is being finished next door right on the beach and it is sold out for around $150k for each 2 bedroom unit (112m2). ($1330per m2)

1 of the 3 privately owned suites in the hotel sold a few months ago in 2017 for $40k (22m2) which is about half the size of your suite.  Just a single room.  ($1800 per m2)

Your suite is around 44m2(473ft2) to my estimate (i measured it).

Which leads me to my conclusion wheras if you want to sell it QUICK I would list priced to sell at $80k. The benefits your suite provides is that it is right in the hotel and full access to the pool and restaurant.  Also, it can be a part of the hotel property management system. Looking at the Singapore residential projects, Perfect Ten Bukit Timah former City Towers is an amazing option for a new way to live more peacefully and secure.

I know you paid $89k for it a few years ago, but if you want to put a higher price and be willing to wait longer for a sale (maybe many months) I would price at $90-95k. Avoid losing money,  make you know your real house or property value.

In order to sell quickly I would let the hotel staff know you´d like to sell it (they can show it for you). And also list with the agent in the area that works with the expat crowd.