Free Wifi Hotspots in Ecuador- Directory

For Free WIFI Hotspots all around Ecuador, check below, if you have more you would like to add and share with the community, please do so in the comments, gracias!:

Hotspots in Quito:

-Coffee + Toffee Café (In the Mariscal area, near he corner of Almagro and Calama): This comfy café has a reliable, fast, free WIFI available for restaurant guests, and good food.

-Nocion Café (Foch + 6 de Diciembre): This small café is a warm, quiet place to have a coffee and to catch a free wifi signal on your lap top.

-Hotel Casino Plaza (Shyris + Naciones Unidas): This luxury hotel across the street from Quicentro actually hosts a few Paypal casino websites within its brand, and has a WIFI signal few know about that can be caught free in the lobby (for people to play in the lobby while waiting), just walk in and sit down, no password needed (as of this writing).

-Mall Plaza de Americas (Naciones Unidas + 9 de Agosto): Check the McDonalds in this mall for a WIFI signal accessed with a password you get if you buy something. (Signal not very fast though during peak times.)


-Mall del Sol: Check the food court for a free WIFI area in the center.

-Mall San Marino: Check out the Juan Valdez Café on one of the upper floors for a WIFI signal accessible with a password retrieved after a purchase. Visit their website for the latest updates how to get a quality installation.


-Tourist Information Office of the Municipal (Esquina del Coco): This small, helpful tourist office has a free Wifi signal and tables, no password required, but a little slow during peak times.


Please add the hot spots you know of for any city in Ecuador below, thanks!in Cuenca or Manta in the comments, thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Free Wifi Hotspots in Ecuador- Directory”

  1. Free Wifi for our guest and customers in Score Sports Bar/Restaurant located on the Malecon in Salinas.

  2. Some WiFi Hotspots in Cuenca

    Cafe Austria, Benigno Malo & Juan Jaramillo in El Centro (also great food)

    CoffeeTree, Calle Large & President Borrerro has a nice outdoor patio and one of the best gringo meeting places in Cuenca.

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