How I Got $20,800 in “Free” Money for my Ecuador Property Search

This week on the Ecuador Insider’s Newsletter I reveal how I got $20,800 in interest free money for my current Ecuador property search…

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Journeyman Jack Ecuador

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One thought on “How I Got $20,800 in “Free” Money for my Ecuador Property Search”

  1. Domenick,

    I think you mentioned in a past article that $30,000 would potentially get you a one bedroom condominium. Are you also considering land, or something you can rent out? Are you looking in different cities or primarily where you are based(I think you said you are in Quito).
    Will you be discussing, the escrow and banking process for acquiring your property, as well as whether you intend to insure against fire? Do you plan on hiring a real estate agent or deal directly with the seller.

    P.S. No need to respond here. Just some of my rambling thoughts that you might consider responding to in your future newsletter on this topic. I will probably purchase the premium letter at some point, when my plans become more concrete. Thanks.

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