Lesson 8 of 15: Expressing likes, dislikes and emotions- Spanish in 30 Minutes a Day

expressing likes in spanish

Mostly when we speak we are expressing how we feel, what we like, dislike and our emotions.

Today, let’s take a moment to learn how to do that in Spanish.

Here we go…

Expressing likes and dislikes

To express likes and dislikes in Spanish, simply use the verb “gustar.”

Literally, “gustar” means “to like,” but it is helpful to think that they use it similar to how we use “to please.”

For example, “me gusta” means “it pleases me” in English, but notice how the word order is reversed.

Me gusta = I like (It pleases me)
Te gusta = You like (It pleases you)
Le gusta = He/She likes
Nos gusta = We like
Les gusta = They like

When you are talking about liking multiple things at once (plural) use “gustan.”

Me gustan = I like them/those.
So if someone asks… “Te gusta la comida?” (Do you like the food?)

You can say for affirmative … “Sí, me gusta la comida.” Or simply “Sí, me gusta.”

For a negative response, say … “No, no me gusta.”

Top 11 phrases used to express emotions (memorize)

Estoy feliz. – I am happy.
Estoy enojado. – I am mad.
Estoy cansado. – I am tired.

Estoy emocionado. – I am excited.
Estoy triste. – I am sad.
Estoy aburrido. – I am bored.

Tengo sed. – I am thirsty.
Tengo hambre. –I am hungry.
Tengo calor. – I am hot.
Tengo frio. – I am cold.
Tengo prisa. – I am in a hurry.

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