Esmeraldas, is it worth its bad rep?

When you say “Esmeraldas” most people think “dangerous”, maybe due to the proximity of Colombia, maybe some other racially-charged reason. But in my opinion, Esmeraldas doesn’t deserve the bad hype and is an excellent place to visit. The locals are VERY friendly to the few foreign outsiders that visit and the food is to die for. Unlike the rest of Ecuador, the beaches to the north and south are also of a Caribbean-type white sand quality.

What to do?

-GO drinking with the locals on the MALECON or boardwalk of the city, just don’t go alone.

– Be sure to try the local delicacy of ENCOCADO seafood dishes, seafood cooked with a spicy coconut sauce, good!

Where to stay?

My pick is the Hotel El Trebol on Canizares 1-18 a modern hotel with spacious rooms starting around $13 per person.

Esmeraldas Ecuador

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