Top 3 Spots in Ecuador to Find Undervalued Beachfront

beachfront ecuador real estate

What if you only had 5 or 7 days to look for cheap beachfront property in Ecuador?

And you were only interested in something front line, right on the ocean.

You can’t dick around.

You’d be wasting your valuable time going somewhere like Olon, where there is little to no availability or where prices have already jumped.

I’d start in these 3 places that stand out in my mind as the ‘big three’ right now entering October 2012.

3 undiscovered places on the coast where you can still find really cheap, yet desirable, beachfront lots, and where i found the one I bought this week for under $5k.

3 places that could skyrocket in value in the short term if discovered a bit.

Over the last 2 years I’ve witnessed places like Montanita, Playas, Canoa, Ayampe and Ballenita jump in beachfront prices and now in those places its tough to find beachfront lots under $50k or a home under $80k, but property one back from the ocean can still be cheap ($10k for a lot, $25k for a small beach house).

Here are my picks, and for now, this is top secret information so you can get in before the herds do…

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