7 Day Self-Guided Ecuador Coastal Tour

Here’s one sample Itinerary I’d recommend to someone looking for beachfront property in Ecuador. You can go yourself taking local buses and taxis without renting a car if you wish to minimize your expenses.

Day 1- Fly to Manta, visit nearby Crucita, San Clemente, northern Manta
Day 2- Manta
Day 3- Catch bus south to Santa Marianta, Puerto Cayo
Day 4- Visit Los Frailes beach, sleep in Puerto Lopez
Day 5- bus to Ayampe, then bus to Olon, sleep in Olon.
Day 6- Visit Montanita, bus to Salinas, sleep in Salinas
Day 7- Salinas, nightime 3 hour bus to Guayaquil

*The ideal time alotted for this trip should be 10-14 days, but it can be done in 7 rushing.

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