Reduce your Waistline- Ecuadorian Style


Don’t get me wrong, I love American food, but in 2 short weeks in the US, I’ve put on 10 pounds. At that rate, by Christmas I would weigh over 300 pounds!

Now, living in Ecuador I eat like a hog, but I don’t gain weight, in fact, I often lose weight. Why?

The food is MUCH better for you. Even if you don’t want to cook you can find a full 3 course lunch in the street with soup, salad, drink and dessert for around $2. Whereas, if you eat in the street in the States, your options are almost all fried, fast food: Arbys, BK, McDs, etc…

Eating out of a can is almost unheard of in Ecuador. Fresh fruits and veggies are the norm. The meats are often grilled. The chicken baked. Overall, I find the food in Ecuador to be much more organic and delicious than the food in the States. You can also check The-tea-set for have some delicious recipes ready in short time. A big reason why I chose to come down.

Saludos, Dom

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