The Micro-Climates of Ecuador

This is the scene in the sub-tropical Valley of los Chillos one hour from Quito

Many ask me about the climate in Ecuador. I just laugh because it really depends on where in Ecuador you are.

That is the beauty of Ecuador weather. There is something for everyone.

If you want eternal springlike weather year round, Ecuador has it. (Vilcabamba)

If you want brisk, 50 degree F mountain weather year round, Ecuador has it. (Cuenca, Ambato)

If you want breezy, low humidity 77 F year round, Ecuador has it. (Salinas, Olon)

If you want 95 F hot and muggy, Ecuador has it. (Guayaquil, Machala)

If you want rain, or lots of sun, Ecuador has that too. And all within an arm’s reach of each other. (Puyo)

A perfect example of a micro-climate is the sub-tropical Valley of “los chillos” about 45 minutes outside of Quito. The weather is noticeably warmer than Quito, due to it’s lower elevation.

These mini-micro-climates are created by the varying elevations of the towns in Ecuador. Ecuador has it all, from sea level to 15,000 ft peaks.

And the best part is, if you find a temperature you like, chances are the temperature remains almost the same year-round in that area, due to the proximity of the Equator.

It sure can be rough on your body when one day is 30 F, and the next is 70 F. That doesn’t happen in Ecuador.

The only types of seasons Ecuador has are rainy and dry seasons, which tend to vary depending on your specific location.

No matter your climatic preference, Ecuador has it for you!

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