5 Things You May Not Like About Ecuador

Just to prove this site really is about the good, bad and the ugly of life and investing in Ecuador, I thought I’d mention 5 things most expats don’t like about Ecuador (from what I’ve seen).

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

1. Street Vendor Hygiene: The food on the streets is delicious and cheap, but many vendors touch the food with their hands…often handling money as well…urgh!

2. The Prices for Name Brand Clothing and PCs
: Electronics of all kinds and name brand clothes are noticeably more expensive in Ecuador than the States…be sure to bring down what you need in that regard!

3. Clouds on the Coast: The sunny season of the Ecuadorian coast is from late December to early April…the rest of the year is quite overcast…I like, cause I burn easy, but many don’t.

4. Bank lines: Ecuador is still old school in that many pay their bills and debts by waiting in line at the bank and making a direct deposit into someone’s bank account…a big pain if you’re caught in the wait.

5. The Lawyers: Hey, this is a given for any country you’re in, so why not Ecuador?

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  1. My wife & I love sunny beaches. When its overcast on the beaches in the summer, is it sunny in the highlands?

    What are the residency requirements?

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