1 Thing I LOVE about Ecuador

ecuador beachfront property for sale

OK, yesterday i ranted on one thing I hate about living in Ecuador (compared to the US)…now I am going to mention one little thing I love about Ecuador…

Today I woke up, walked a half block and had a fresh squeezed 100% grape juice…no sugar, no water added!  For $1.40.

I watched them squeeze the round, incredibly plumb grapes myself…incredible, never seen that in the US…(they always add water, even when you’re paying $5 for a glass)…

There are many other things I love about this place…STAY TUNED for some EXTREMELY useful info on moving to and life in Ecuador… !

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3 thoughts on “1 Thing I LOVE about Ecuador”

  1. Hello Domenick,
    love to read your articles and i hope to make Ecuador my home soon!
    I would really like to know where this house on the beach pictured above is located, and is it for sale?
    Thanks for any info!

  2. Hello Domenick,
    I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the articles about Ecuador, and hope to make it home there soon!
    Just a quick question about the house on the beach pictured above, is it for sale and where is it located?
    Thank you for any info!

  3. Hi Dan, thanks for the kind words…this house is not for sale, I will be including real listings on the site very soon…please check back for more…domenick

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