Beware for your Baggage on Discounted Flights to Ecuador

I recently bought a flight from Ecuador to the USA. It was discounted, purchased online, and I had to do a layover in Bogota for a few hours, on my way to Miami.

I actually had flights on different airlines, even though I bought my flight all together. In Bogota, they almost made me leave the terminal and customs and force me to re-enter security.

At the last minute, I convinced them not to make me do that, considering I had only 30 minutes before my next flight.

As I sprinted across the airport to switch airlines and board my next flight, I realized that if you buy a discounted fare online that combines different airlines in your itinerary, there is absolutely no way your bags would arrive at your destination!

Luckily, I travel light and did not check any.

So buyer beware on flights to and from Ecuador, preferably try to travel without checking any luggage!

Saludos, Dom

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