When Hung-over in Ecuador…

So when local Ecuadorians are hung over, what do they do?

They go eat Ceviche. A local specialty which is a type of seafood soup in lime juice. You can get Shrimp Ceviche… Fish, Squid, Shellfish and more.

It’s good. And it hits the spot when feeling the effects from the night before.

hell, chances are most the people dining around you at 8am never went home the night before, and went straight from the disco to the Cebiche shop!

In Quito, the best ceviche in town at some of the most reasonable prices can be found at CEBICHES DE RUMINAHUI on Juan Leon Mera y La Niña.

Locals eat Ceviche only in the mornings and early afternoon for lunch until about 2pm.

cebiches-del-ruminahui The store front

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