Lesson 7 of 15: Asking Questions – Spanish in 30 min a Day

From your very first moments in Ecuador, or once in any Spanish-speaking country, you’ll have to know how to ask questions…

Right when you get off the plane, you’ll have to ask the taxi driver… “How much?” (Cuánto cuesta?)

Asking Questions

Asking questions in Spanish is very similar to asking them in English. Just add one of the following words to the front of the question, and raise your voice towards the end of the sentence.

Qué- what
Cuándo- when
Dónde- where
Por qué- why porque-because
Cómo- how
Quién- who
Cuál- Which
Cuántos? – How many
Cuánto? = how much

Hay…? – Are there… as answer: Hay… = There is/are… (“Hay” is used for both “Are there” and “There are” in the question and answer form.)


-Hay dos camas?  (Are there two beds?)
Sí, hay dos camas. (Yes, there are two beds.)

-Qué quieres?  (What do you want?)

-Dónde estás?  (Where are you?)

-Por qué vas allí? (Why do you go there?)

Now try to make 5 questions of your own…


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