What do YOU Want to Know About Ecuador?

Hi, I am Dom Buonamici, I am an American who has lived in Ecuador on and off since 2005, and I am the lead reporter for this site…I love this place, and Id love to share it with you…

I know you have a lot of questions about life in Ecuador… send them to me here, and Id be happy to answer them on this site…free! If I don’t know the answer I know how to get it!

saludos, dom

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9 thoughts on “What do YOU Want to Know About Ecuador?”

  1. I will be retiring in 3 years, and I’m interested in Ecuador. I am single, 63 years of age, and have traveled extensively. I would prefer to rent/own a small house or condo–2BR, 2B, either on or near a beach, or near a large town. I do not want to live in Quito, but elsewhere in the country would be fine. I just want to be near food stores, pharmacy, and medical facilities. I will have about $50,000 to spend on a purchase, should I decide not to rent. I just don’t know how to begin my exploration of Ecuador as a retirement destination. Can you help?

  2. yes, I am interested in Ecuador, and this is helpful. Maybe tell us the everyday things and the things you hate too.
    For example, I live in Phoenix AZ, which is very good, sunny, inexpensive and safe US city. Service is good, always helpful people.

    But, I guess I could say I can’t really walk in my area, cars nearly run me down, actually had some very near hits. Also no side streets only dead end, so not too walkable in my area, some are better in older areas.
    Of course it is very hot,almost as hot as north australia, good for me but some hate that.

  3. Hi Dom,

    In your lastest email dispatch regarding the hiring of maids.

    Could you hire a maid to teach you how to cook traditional foods and also teach the local language as well?

  4. Well, let me tell you, honestly, cars respect pedestrians far more in the States than in Latin America! If you are looking for nice places to walk i recommend smaller pueblos like maybe canoa on the coast or vilcabamba in the sierra…anyone else got questions?

  5. Sure, first things first, stay tuned to this blog, it should give you a lot of ideas…for your interests, i would recommend Manta…medium sized city on the coast, nice beach, good facilities, etc…

  6. I have been intrigued with the many things I have read about Ecuador. I was planning on retiring next year and have been considering Ecuador. However, I have a handicapped child who has an extremely rare heart anomaly. All of his life he has received specialized care from some of the top heart specialists in the USA. I know that you and others have often written about the great health care in Ecuador, but I am hesitant to move my son to a country where he may not be able to get the special care he needs. I also do not want to live in a heavily populated, large metropolitan city. Are there some smaller pueblos within a reasonable driving distance to quality hospitals? How difficult and time consuming would it be to get a quick flight out of Ecuador should the need arise for me to transport my son back to the U.S. for emergency care?

  7. Hello Micheal, maybe in your situation you would be better off in a country closer to home, like Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic.

  8. HI Dominic, I came across your blog doing a Google search on farming in Ecuador. Currently I live in Guayaquil, I own 400 acres in Chongon which is located just outside of Guayaquil. I am looking for an investor or a partner to farm my land. I am also open to leasing all or part of my land to any agricultural operation. Do you have any ideas as to where I should start? Thanks for any information you can provide. Also I would like to congratulate you on your choice of Ecuador as your home! Sincerest regards Janet Marin

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