12-VI Work Visa Requirements Ecuador

12-VI Work Visa Requirements Ecuador

12-VI Work Visa Requirements Ecuador (VISA 12-VI TRABAJO)

1.- Signed petition letter directed to the head of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores which states how long youd like to stay in Ecuador and why.

2.- Signed Application Form with passport photo.

3.- Passport with at least 6 months valid remaining with copies of the entry stamp, ID page and current visa.

4. Copy of Resume.

5. Title of company (Escritura) properly registered in the REGISTRO MERCANTIL.

6. “Certificado actualizado del RUC” of the sopnsor.

7. Certificate from the SUPERENTENCIA DE COMPANIAS that states the capital of the business is over $12,500.

8. “Nombremientos” of the board of directors of the company.

9. Certificate from the IESS Social Security system proving the company has no obligations open with the IESS.

10. Certificate from the CUERPO DE BOMBEROS


12. For Spouses, must adjoin marriage certificate legally certified by Ecuadorian Consulate.

13. In the case of Labor contracts, need to present contract as registered in the DIRECCION DE TRABAJO and authorization from the MINISTERIO DE TRABAJO.

All documents should be translated if in language other than Spanish.

Valid: Maximum 2 years (renewable).

Application fee: $30 USD
Visa fee: $200 USD

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