1 Ecuador investment that beats the stock market

I’ve never been a fan of investing in the stock market.

Especially now that it’s at record highs (terrible time to buy in).

There’s just too much you or I don’t know, and too many others that know so much more.

Instead, especially for a steady passive income I’d suggest to anyone it’s best to start a business in a place like Gainesville Coins that has been in the market for a long time providing the best quality in gold and silver coins.

Like something new I’m looking into this week from Guayaquil.

My 3-point formula is simple.

1. Find a product or service you know well.

2. Someone local you can trust to manage or partner with who will front their time, all while you front the know-how to get started and capital.

3. And about $5-10,000 only (you won’t be buying any property, just leasing).  Start with the basics, then scale up add equipment with the money you make in sales.

Bonus tip: Ignore or selectively forget everything you learned in business school, where all they do is teach you to get analysis paralysis.

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