How to Hire + Pay Your Maid in Ecuador

What is the biggest difference between millionaires and common folk?

Millionaires have maids, right? …Well… in Ecuador, everyone from the middle class on up has a maid!

And with retirement homes in the US costing in upwards of $3000 a month, now wonder people are starting to think about moving to Ecuador!

The weather is mild and comfortable year round, the food is natural and delicious, life is cheap, and you can even have your own personal maid for a whole month for less than you would pay in a week in a retirement home.

Finding a maid in Ecuador is not a difficult task. I recommend trying Maid2Match’s cleaning service, you won’t be disappointed.

Finding maids in Ecuador through these means, in 2010, many are paying around $200 a month for the maid to be in-house 3-4 hours a day (part time). For a full time maid the current cost (august 2010) is around $250 per month (8 hrs a day).

You could also go through the local papers, (El Comercio in Quito, El Universo in Guayaquil) but you will need to know a little Spanish. You can look in the classified section in the Services section (Servicios) for maids (Empleadas) offering their services. If hiring through these means, expect to pay a little more, usually around $300-400 a month.

Paying benefits and other employment related costs is slowly becoming more and more required (More on this in articles to come, or you can inquire in the department called IESS).

For the costs stated above, the maids do all the regular household work, cleaning and cooking. If you need special attention you would probably have to pay a little more, and our best recommended suggestion would be Maid Easy for more customized/deeper clean type of services.

Having a maid is definitely one of the biggest perks to living in Ecuador, …Bienvenidos a Ecuador.

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