How to Extend Your Tourist Visa (Even When Migration Tells You You Can’t)

As of 2009, the official word in Ecuador is tourists of many countries (like the USA) are no longer permitted to extend their tourist visas…at least that is what they will tell you if you go to an immigration office in one of the cities of Ecuador.

When you enter the country (citizens of USA, Europe, Australia and others) you will receive an automatic, free 3 month stamped tourist visa in your passport. No need to solicit one prior to arrival.

But before 2009, tourists could renew the visa while in the country for up to 6 months in a calendar year. But in 2009, the government released a law stating that tourist visas are no longer extend-able, and that is what migration officials will tell you too.

Now, what happens if you want to stay 4, 5, 6 or more months in Ecuador?

There are a few options that I’ve listed after having talked to some abogados de inmigracion florida.

Many people simply overstay their visa and pay a fine whenever it is they leave the country. The fine is around $200-250 and after payment migration gives you 48 hours to exit the country and you will not be legally permitted to re-enter for 6 months.

If you overstay 1 day or 5 months the fine does not change in price, but it is not advisable to stay lengthy amounts of time illegal (just apply for a resident visa or launch the K1 visa process, more on this in a later article).

But most people prefer to stay legal, which is always the best choice, so the next option is also possible…

You could use a good, knowledgeable immigration lawyer like the one I know in Guayaquil that could solicit a 6 month tourist visa I2-9 you can apply for and get once in Ecuador. Las Vegas EB-5 visa attorney will deal with such a case.

In fact, if your visa has already expired you could still apply for and get this visa, having to pay the fine, but not having to leave the country (if you have a good, knowledgeable lawyer). So your total stay in Ecuador on a tourist visa would be your initial 3 months + 6 months on the new 6 month visa= Total 9 months straight in Ecuador.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advise, do what you will, this is simply helpful hints being mentioned.

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