Sleepless nights in Ecuador

party-guayaquil The party never stops in Ecuador, which could be a problem!

“I can’t believe this sh**.” I thought, as I bent down to grab a mango in my backyard.

Eyeing up the window of my neighbor I begin the wind up, just like I did back in my baseball days…

And in mid wind up, I decided “no… that’s not how to handle things.”

You see, earlier in the day I was pumped, or happy, that I had found such a great deal on a rental.

I was renting a beautiful furnished suite in a nice area of Guayaquil for $200 a month.

But you see, it was my first saturday sleeping at the place, and to my surprise, in the middle of a residential neighborhood, there was an underground discotecque right next to me.

So, when I went to bed that night I was accompanied by the deafening noise of bad music from next door.

In Ecuador, like in most of Latin America, zoning laws are VERY lax.

You just may buy (or rent) right next to an underground disco or bar or karaoke near me.

And the local police often won’t help much if you call them on a simple noise complaint.

So be careful before you buy, and be sure to visit on various nights, including Friday and Saturday, to be sure the noise level isn’t a problem.

There just might be a reason the place is so cheap, and you’d never know it until you try to sleep there!

Luckily, this time I was just renting.

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