How 1 Expat Makes $8000 a Month in Ecuador

I hear it all the time… “I’d love to move to Ecuador, but how would I make

This week one expat, Maria Glazman, made the local paper for her small
German-style bakery in the colonial heart of Cuenca (Maria’s Alemania) which generates $8000 a month in revenue. She brings her recipes from Germany.

In the same paper, on the next page, an Ecuadorian woman was highlighted for
the business she put in Quito based on what she learned in Italy selling dried fruit. According to the paper (Lideres), her small business generates $4000 a month in sales.

Truth is, Ecuador needs… everything! And Ecuadorians are big spenders who love to live it up and relish “new” things.

If you ever wanted to own your own business, Ecuador is THE place to do it.

Imagine the US but with much lower income taxes, property taxes and where you can pay your employees (legally) $300 a month.

Not to mention, imagine doing business in a place where business owners don’t worry about getting sued (because it rarely happens… only in extreme cases of negligence).

So ask yourself, “What do I know, and could bring to Ecuador?” And bring it!

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