What to do in Loja?

El Tigrillo


Loja is an interesting place. Some acquaint it to a mini-Cuenca, but it actually has a flavor all its own. The people are very proud of the heritage, are very into the fine arts, classical music and they even have their own gastronomy, and arguably the best coffee in Ecuador.

Where to stay in Loja?

Hotel Prado Internacional: Near the old town, this is by far the best value for buck place in Loja, with top quality although cramped rooms for a reasonable price ($20 per person).

Hotel Londres:Sucre 07-51 My pick for budget travelers with rooms that start around $7 per person.

What to do in Loja?

– Meander the Old Town. Its one of the most picturesque in Ecuador.

– Visit nearby Parque Podocarpus.

– Visit the locally-famous zoo.

– Try the local eats like the TAMAL LOJANO, TIGRILLO, and LAS HUMITAS.

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