Ever want to be a university prof? Ecuador awaits…

That\’s me, teaching an investment class in Ecuador…you could too!

I mean, come on…

What could be better than working 12 hours a week with summers off, teaching a subject you love, hanging out with kids, job security, and all with a decent salary and benefits?

I’ve always thought college profs live the life…

Now in the United States to be a college professor, you usually need a doctor’s degree or at least a masters. You need certifications and other requirements often out of reach for most people.

However, in Ecuador it is much easier to get a university teaching job, and many foreigners do.

The job is the same, the hours are the same as the States, but the salary is less, usually starting around $15 an hour in the cities and it goes up from there…but remember that cost of living in Ecuador is also much less.

Now, many Ecuadorians “look up” to foreigners… and you…being an established pro in your field from abroad… could stand out.

Many universities in Ecuador are hard pressed to find knowledgeable pros in specialized areas who can teach their subject in English. For example, if your area of expertise revolves around exam preparation, you might be alloted to solely assist the students in their CLEP Test Prep or for other exams.

That’s where you come in.

Now I am not just talking about teaching English (arrgh), but actually teaching your area of expertise to local kids.

The only requirement for the teaching jobs is basically knowledge of the subject area. I have guest-taught in several universities in Ecuador, and I have seen young teachers and old, educated and not so educated…all across the board.

In order to get the teaching jobs, the easiest way in is to know someone who works at the University… a teacher or administrator who can put a good word in for you.

The best way to meet people who work at universities is to take an adult-ed class at a University. Most of the universities down here have them. A more innovative way would be to go to the free courses the chamber of commerce usually offers. Or try to attend a local church, another good place to meet people.

If you don’t know anyone, you could go straight to the university with your resume and drop it off. If you do that, try not to just leave it with the secretary. Do your homework beforehand and actually ask to see a particular school administrator and hand it to them personally.

Suerte! School’s in session!

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3 thoughts on “Ever want to be a university prof? Ecuador awaits…”

  1. We would love to communicate with you. We are both artists / musicians / filmmakers / teachers and would like to discuss teaching at the university in Loja or Cuenca. We are planning to move soon.

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    Peter & Sally

  2. I am very interested in possibly teaching in Ecuador. I am a professional chef/cook and I actually manufacture over a dozen hot sauces, bbq sauces, and seasonings. I specialize in BBQ catering in Florida. Is there any kind of need of these teaching skills in Ecuador? I am planning to move soon.

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to your reply.

    Buddy Taylor

    [email protected]

  3. hey buddy, sure you could work don here in that, you just may not make as much $ honestly…but opportunity exists!

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