How Much Does A Plumber Cost In Ecuador?

When looking for a plumber, many of us tend to choose someone we have been recommended or look for an advert in the services section of our local newspaper. This can lead you to choose someone almost randomly and most of us don’t tend to ask about experience. However, experience is one of the most important aspects when choosing a Plumber to come into your home to do a job and to find more, read more here, get more info, see here on this site.

Having faulty plumbing is one of the most challenging circumstances that you can face at home, being this said emergency plumber in Poole is a great option because they offer 24/7 services and no call out charges.

There are different kinds of plumbing issues that can come up – clogged drains, leaky faucets and Residential sewer systems that become damaged. These are serious plumbing issues that have to be tended to before they worsen. In such circumstances, the best solution is to hire the services of a professional plumbing service provider, You could check site for further details. We highly value our commercial customers in Singapore as well and understand the importance of our plumbing services to your company. Time is money, and a reliable plumbing emergency can cause your commercial business to be out of service for days or even weeks at a time. SG1 plumber singapore is the answer to your commercial plumbing needs in Singapore. Let’s us manage your plumbing work today! We also have technicians that are trained to service HDB flats and have done numerous plumbing jobs. Our HDB plumbers have the on-field experience to diagnose and repair your plumbing issue and replacement of plumbing fittings as fast as possible

Plumbing fixing and installation tasks such as sewer cleaning are best done by professionals. They have the training and the skills required to carry out these tasks effectively. When you hire a professional plumber, you stand to benefit in several ways. On the surface, some issues may appear to be simple malfunctions. However, there can be serious underlying issues that can get complicated if you try quick fixes and if it is not handled immediately.

For instance, when you encounter a clogged drain, it is likely that you may try to clear it using hot water. If the problem does not solve immediately or it recurs, it is likely that there is a block that needs to be removed. Dismissing it can elevate the problem and cause serious issues to the plumbing. A professional plumber will be able to identify the problems underlying what appears to be a simple one. Doing this will save you the cost of tending to the damage that such situations could lead to.


Thats how much I paid this week when a toilet broke in my hotel and had to call a local plumber over. And he was a new guy, so it wasn’t like I was getting special pricing or anything. Contact Ultimate Plumbing & Repair Inc. for more details.

I happened to be hanging out with a business professor from Penn State University at the time.

I told him.. “I didn’t go to business school or anything, but that sounds like good business to me.”

He said, ” In the States plumbers charge $50 an hour.” Even thought there are services as Emergency Plumbers Sydney that are more affordable. Using the latest drain cameras, Drains ‘n’ Pipes Brisbane offer top CCTV pipe inspection Brisbane services. Our state of the art equipment will help deliver detailed and accurate reports under the most difficult circumstances. We perform some of the most comprehensive Top CCTV pipe inspection Brisbane services.

I recommend to hire Plumbing Houston is a family-owned and operated company located right here in Houston, TX. Their company of experienced Houston Plumbers. Even though we are a fairly new company, our professional technicians and staff are fully experienced to handle your plumbing needs and have the quality skills and workmanship you are looking for.

I responded, “In a 19 room hotel do you have any idea how many sinks, toilets and doors break on a daily basis?”

So for me, right now, that’s why Ecuador wins.

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Do You Qualify For The “Professional” Residency Visa In Ecuador?

Do you have a four year (Bachelors) degree from an accredited university?

Then you qualify for permanent residency in Ecuador if you want it.

Ecuador is one of the few countries in the world that gives away residency to ANYONE with a 4-yr bachelors college degree.  Any degree, any major.

This is how I got my residency.

Its BY FAR a better option than an investors visa if you have a degree, because your residency would be linked to that investment.

But there is one setback though.

You have to register your degree with the Ecuadorian Institute of Higher Learning (SENESCYT) which can take months… not good if you are here on the free 90 day tourist visa stamp you receive upon entry with just your passport. A temporary tourist visa to Saudi Arabia will allow those who have sponsorship to enter and stay within the country. All visitors must follow Saudi law and locals encourage visitors to engage in Saudi customs as well. A tourist visa is the most appropriate visa for coming into the country to visit friends or family. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has a requirement which is uncommon and may be new to many regular travelers. Even with a visa, you may be refused entry into Saudi Arabia if your passport shows before traveling to Israel. Or, if Israel is your birthplace you would also be denied entry. Before launching the Saudi eVisa, tourist visas for entry to the country were non-existent. Would-be travellers to Saudi Arabia were also previously expected to make application in person at the nearest consulate or embassy. It is now much simpler for tourists from eligible countries to enter Saudi Arabia with the visas for Saudi Arabia. The online application process could not be faster or simpler. Applicants must only meet certain basic requirements and complete all sections of the application form as accurately as possible.

The last thing you want is for your tourist visa to expire and become illegal.  But in order to extend the visa you are looking at $250 plus an added complication once given the residency visa of having to cancel the visa extension.

However, usually it takes 3-4 months for the Senescyt to validate and register your degree in Ecuador. But it can take longer.

Only after this validation you can start the visa process. Which can take another 2-4 weeks.

Thankfully, you can validate your degree locally in Ecuador from abroad with the help of someone already in Ecuador.

First check to see if your university is on this list.  If it is, you qualify!  You need to send to your Ecuador contact the following items… (easy!)

1. Color copy of your passport.

2.  Original color copy of your degree apostilled (if from a country that does apostles like the USA).  If you are from Canada or a country that does not do apostilles then you need to get this certified by the Ecuador consulate in your home country.  You do NOT need to translate your degree if it appears in English, French, German or Spanish.

3. A brief letter in Spanish authorizing your contact in Ecuador to help validate your degree.

4. This application form filled out and signed by applicant and snail mailed to Ecuador.

If your university is not on the list the wait time just got a month or two longer as first you have to get your school approved then your degree.  In addition to the above documents, except a different application form, you would need to send a copy of your transcripts showing your hours taken, completed, grades, etc. This needs to be apostilled in your home country AND notarized in Ecuador.

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How To Get Free Medical Attention Through The IESS In Ecuador

OK, so the medical services are not exactly free because you’re paying a monthly premium of around $70 or so.

The IESS is the government managed form of Social Security/medical care in Ecuador. All legal residents and citizens of Ecuador can sign up through regardless of their age. There are no deductibles you need to pay when treated. All medical services are covered (except some medications you may need to pay out of pocket).

You can also affiliate your spouse for a bit less than half the premium you’re paying.

So how do you get service?


After at least three months of being affiliated, you call a number in Ecuador 1-800-1000-000 ext 140 to ask for a “cita” appointment and they will tell you a date and medical center location for the appointment (usually within 2 weeks). Spanish only. The mеdісаl lіеn іѕ a lеgаl ѕесurіtу provided tо a medical рrоvіdеr whеn a patient lаtеr becomes a plaintiff іn a lеgаl саѕе. In ѕuсh a ѕіtuаtіоn іf settlement occurs, medical providers аrе compensated аѕ thе аttоrnеу оf record соmреnѕаtеѕ the provider out of thе insurance соllесtіоn рrосееdѕ. Hоwеvеr, аѕ financially sound аѕ a mеdісаl lіеn appears tо bе, in a rеаl wоrld аррlісаtіоn, untold lоѕѕеѕ оссur each уеаr from thе use оf the mеdісаl lіеn. You can use this website for more detail.

They will book you in with a general doctor first to help diagnose you. Then based on that appointment they will re-book you another appointment for a later date with a specialist or for further testing. This is how they work.

And for emergencies?

For emergencies NOT EVERYWHERE will accept IESS patients so you have to go to a specific IESS hospital in the big cities of Ecuador for free emergency assistance, if you go elsewhere they won’t pay it. Every medium to larger city in Ecuador has an IESS center of medical attention which just added new aed equipment.

That’s it, that’s all you really need to know.

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How to get water to your crops in Ecuador

Many agricultural lots in Ecuador, like mine, get their water from a "sei-key-ya" which are tiny canals that have been spliced off a nearby river.  

But to actually get the water to your lot you have to go point by point down the sei-key-ya and redirect the water so it reaches your lot.  

The annual fee to participate is minimal, like $20 a year, but you are required to participate in "mingas" which are "clean-ups" of the mini-canals.  

Most folks then have resevoirs they fill then water their crops at their leisure.  

You then have to close the "sei-key-ya" to your lot and let it flow through or you could flood your lot, like I already did once cause I forgot to close the sei-key-ya once my resevoir was full.  

Sound complicated?  It´s not.  

A pain, yes, a little bit.  Glad I just leased the lot I´m farming until I learned this, much better to have your own direct water source like an on-site river or lake.  

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3 exotic Ecuador fruits with big-time export potential

“Damn, that’s good.” I remember thinking when I first tried it upon arriving to Ecuador.

“Really good.”

It was sweet and sour at the same time and really refreshing.  And not like any other fruit flavor I had ever tried in North America, Asia or Europe.

1. The “Naranjilla”.  Or “Lulo” as they say in nearby Colombia.  I don’t think there is even an English word for this fruit like most of these things in Ecuador that don’t exist in North America or Europe.

It grows in the rainy foothills of the Andes and along the edges of the Amazon and are not eaten raw but made into juice by the locals.

It has HUGE local demand, but I think could also be exported.

It’s true, like a lot of fruits, they might not make it to their destination without spoiling or getting bruised up.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t export it!

What about as a canned jam, or as a frozen pulp for juice mixes, or even dried fruit?

The possibilities are endless.

Here are two other fruits I think could have a BIG impact abroad if exported widely.   See pics at the bottom of this email of all three.

2. “Tomate de arbol” or Tree tomato, this fruit doesn’t actually taste like tomatos at all and looks like a mini-nerf American football.  They are not eaten raw but made into juice here by Ecuadorians.  The taste is unique, truly indescribable.  This fruit is grown in the highlands near the big cities like Quito and Cuenca.

3. The “Ovo”.  Many ecuadorians don’t even know about this one.  There is only ONE PLACE in all of Ecuadorwhere this fruit is grown, in the dry Chota Valley north of Ibarra.  They are sold usually along the highway that passes through the valley on the way to Colombia and every time I pass I get some.  They look similar to the coastal variety called “Ciruelas” but the taste is completely different.  The Ovo when ripe is bright orange and sweet with a seed inside like a grape.  The taste is unique and delicious.  On the other hand, the Ciruela on the coast is sold green or red and is bitter and often eaten by locals with salt.  The Ovo is the one I think has BIGexport potential.

Of course, Ecuador has MANY more fruits with big export potential but these were the first three that came to mind.

At the very least on your next trip to Ecuador be SURE you try these three fruits as juice or in their native form.

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