Lesson 11 of 15: Survival Phrases- Spanish in 30 Minutes a Day

survival spanish

Thanks for sticking with me so far in this 15 day series…

We’ve covered many of the essential aspects of Spanish grammar, for beginners…

From here on out I recommend you read everything you can get your hands on to improve your vocabularly.

And watch movies first in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, then without, to improve your listening abilities.

And once in Ecuador, talk.

Talk talk talk.

You will make mistakes.

But it doesn’t matter as long as you get understood, you’ll get better as the weeks and months pass.

But the first step is the grammar, of which we covered pretty thoroughly these 10 days together.

Now, today on our last day together, let’s take a look at some need to know phrases... phrases you got to know right from your very first day in the country…

Take a moment, and memorize these guys, print out this email and bring it with you if need be…

a. Greetings and Common Small Talk

Hello = Hola
How are you? = Cómo estás?  (informal, “tu” form) / Cómo está usted? (formal, “usted form)

Important Note: In Spanish, they have two ways of saying “you”: an informal way “tu”, and a formal one, “usted”, but you can communicate yourself fine just using one all the time for now, so let’s focus on how to say everything using “tu” for “you”.

Good, and you? = Bien, y tu?
What is your name? = Cómo te llamas?

My name is ______ = Me llamo ______
It’s a pleasure to meet you = Mucho gusto.

Where are you from? = De dónde eres?
I am from _____. = Soy de _____.

How old are you? = Cuántos años tienes?
I am _20___ years old. = Tengo _veinte_ años.

Goodbye = Chao
Excuse me = Disculpe

Thank you = Gracias
You’re welcome = De nada

Yes = Sí
No = No
OK = Está bien

b. Translations

Do you speak English? = Hablas ingles?
Yes, I speak English = Sí, hablo ingles.

How do you say ______ in Spanish? = Cómo se dice _____ en español?
I don’t understand. = No entiendo.

Can you repeat please? = Repitalo por favor.
What does _____ mean? = Qué significa____ ?

c. Taxis

How much to _________ ? = Cuánto es para……?
Take me to _______ please. = Lleveme a _______ por favor.

That’s expensive. But I only have ________. = Está caro. Pero solo tengo ______.
I get off here. = Me quedo aquí.

d. Asking for directions

Where is ______? = Dónde está _____?
I’m looking for … = Busco …

Turn left. = doble a la izquierda.
Turn right. = doble a la derecha.

Go straight = siga derecho
street = calle
block = cuadra

esquina = street corner
here = aquí
there = allí
Is it far? = Es lejos?
Before/After= Antes de/ después de

e. Buses/Trains (autobus/trenes)

Where does this bus go? = Para dónde va el autobus?
When does it leave? = Cuando se va?
One ticket, please. = Un boleto, por favor.

f. Lodging (Alojamiento)

Are there any rooms available? = Hay habitaciones disponibles?
Id like a … for _____ nights.(Quisiera un _____ por ____ noches.)

Single  = Simple
Double = Doble

How much is your cheapest room? =  Cuánto es la habitación más barata?
How much per night? = Cuanto es por noche?

Can I see the room? = Puedo ver la habitación?
I am leaving now. = Me voy ahora.

Hotel: El hotel
Hostal: El hostal

g. to Eat (comer)

One table please. = Una mesa por favor
The menu please. = El menu por favor.
What is that? = Qué es eso?

Do you have…? (Tienes…..?)
-chicken (pollo)
-fish (pescado)
-beef (carne)
-pasta (pasta)
-rice (arroz)
-bread (pan)
-purified water (agua purificada)
-salt (sal)

Check, please. = La cuenta, por favor.
Where is the toilet? = Dónde está el baño?

h. Shopping and Bargaining (Ir de compras)

How much? = Cuánto cuesta?
I´m just looking. = Solo mirando.

Can you give me a discount? = Me puedes dar un descuento?
How is $5? = Qué tal $5?

Give me… = Dame…
expensive/cheap = caro/barato

Do you accept credit cards? = Aceptas tarjetas de credito?
Only cash. = Solo efectivo.

I. Money (Dinero)

Where can I change money?= Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? = Dónde hay un cajero automático?
What is the Exchange rate? = Cuál es la tasa de cambio?

J. Health (La salud)

I am sick. = Estoy enfermo.
Please take me to the hospital. = Por favor, llevame al hospital.
I am feeling better. = Me siento mejor.

K. Relationships (Las relaciones)

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? = Tienes novio/novia?
Are you married? = Estás casado/a?

I am single = Estoy soltero/a.
Do you have a phone? What’s your phone number? = Tienes celular? Me podrias dar tu número?

My number is…. = Mi numero es ….
Want to have a cup of coffee sometime? = Quieres tomar un cafe algún día?

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