The “Local” Trick to Receiving Mail Securely in Ecuador

One thing you may take for granted in the US is the reliable post service, unfortunately, Ecuador, doesn’t have a reliable one.

Sometimes, email simply won’t do!

So, what do the locals do when they have to mail important things within Ecuador? They use the local airlines and bus companies!

Let me explain.

For example, if you have to mail something from Quito to Cuenca, the best way to do it would be to go the package desk of an airline that flies to the packages’ desired destination in the airport, and mail it so it goes under the plane of the airline.

The airline will receive your package or letter, give you a receipt, and proceed to mail it for you in the cargo section of the next plane that leaves.

Once at the destination, the person who receives the letter needs to go to the airline counter with the code of the mailing and their ID card or passport in order to claim it.

Mailing a small letter in this matter within Ecuador will cost you around $1.50 and usually arrives within 1-2 business days.

For smaller cities that airlines don’t service, you could mail a package or letter in similar fashion securely with the local bus companies. Just go to the bus terminal and to a bus line that travels to where you want to mail to go. At the counter, pay and as with the airlines, get a receipt. The bus company will then hold your package in their office at the destination until the recipient goes to pick it up.

This is how the locals do it!

As for receiving mail from abroad (or sending it) both DHL and FEDEX have offices all over Ecuador and are reliable options.

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