Ocean-view Lot near Santa Marianita, $59,900


The property i have for sale is located on the mountains prior to the Santa Marianita beach entrance. Its about a 20 drive from Manta. It has a partial ocean view and sits on the main road going to the beach. Its about two miles from the development Ciudad del Sol and about 15 minutes from Frogs, a restaurant owned by a retired U.S. lawyer and a popular hangout for foreigners The area is growing.

The property has 23 meters of frontage, and about 105 meters deep. Someone could build a great home there but its a great location for a business as well.
Its solid ground even the heavy rains have not affected it. There’s bus and taxi transportation everyday and the school is across the street.

asking  $59,900

Ozzie Valentin
My local number is 2-637821 in Portoviejo. My U.S. number is (912) 816-7807 in Georgia.
zzvalentin AT yahoo.com

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