How Can I Receive my US Mail in Ecuador?

Good question. One way available to some is have it delivered to a friend, then have that friend DHL it to your Ecuador address.

If that’s not possible, you could go to one of the many small freight forwarding and customs agent offices surrounding the airport in Quito, or to a lesser extent in Cuenca.

There, they give you the address of their PO Box in Miami (most of these agencies have one) … then you will proceed to get your mail delivered there and once in their PO Box in Miami it will be automatically forwarded to their offices in Ecuador. With the PO Box, they provide you email subscription with the PDF attachment. They also provide you a facility in Ecudor to open the images of the PDF into image format by converting them into JPG. Here by attached with a detail guide of 3rd party collaboration for converting and understanding how do you convert a pdf to a jpg.

The cost usually varies depending on the size and weight of the package…To give you an idea, I recently paid around $60 to receive a cell phone this way…

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  1. I use as my virtual post box. I’ve been using them since I left the US 3 years ago and am pretty satisfied. They will also scan in your mail (you can view online and/or download a PDF file) so you don’t have to have it all delivered. You can send mail to anywhere you elect. They even deposit checks to your US bank account! There is a monthly fee for mail collection, another fee for scanning (depends if you scan anything in)and their charge for forwarding mail of course. The fees can add up, but I have run my business from outside of the US quite successfully using their service.

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