8 Essential Ecuadorean Real Estate Spanish Phrases


No doubt it.

If you speak a few words of Spanish, it could be a lot easier to find a decent property buy in Ecuador.

Most locals have about as much grasp of English as we do of Spanish (that is, very little).

Here’s what you need to know before you look for property:

“Cuánto pide?” = How much are you asking?

“Cuantos metros cuadrados?” = How many meters squared (is the lot)?

“Tiene escritura?” = Does the property have proper title? (Sometimes it doesn’t in Ecuador but people are still trying to sell it.)

“Puedo ver los predios?” = Can I see copies of (the latest) tax payments?

“Cuantos años tiene la construcción?” = How old is the construction?

“Cuantos dormitorios tiene? ” = How many bedrooms does the place have?

“Hay los servicios basicos y via de acceso?” = Are there water, electricity and road access (to the lot)?

“Ya pues, cuanto es lo ultimo?” = Alright already, what’s the lowest price you’ll accept?

se vende – vendo – venta de = For Sale
se arrienda – alquilo – se alquila = For Rent
departamento (condo), casa (house), terreno (lot)

To really enjoy yourself in Ecuador, and get around successfully, you’ll need at least a basic conversational Spanish ability.

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