Dom’s Guide to Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

Where to stay in Bahia?

There’s not much accommodation selection in Bahia, but that may be to a lack of demand, Bahia being primarily just a weekend destination for most travelers.

I recommend for higher end budgets La Herradura Hotel, the only hotel right on the boardwalk, ocean front in Bahia.  The hotel has an upscale restaurant and prices start from $20 for the single room, $40 for the double.  Ask for one of the few rooms with an ocean view!  Contact 05-2690446 or see for more.

For budget travelers I recommend y personal fav, La Bahia Hotel, right in front of the Puerto Amistad Bar-Restaurant.  The rooms are Spartan but clean and the price is right, $8 per person and $16 for a double.

Where to eat in Bahia?

I recommend the Puerto Amistad Bar-Restaurant with amazing views of the bay this is the foreigner hang out, but locals like it too.  The wings and Quesadillas are some of the best in Ecuador and priced under $5.  Seafood and typical Ecuadorian dishes are also available.

What to do in Bahia?

-Go for a morning jog on the boardwalk.

-Hike up to the Cross on the mount.

-Take a one day tour to the nearby mangroves or to an organic farm

-Hand glide near Canoa.

-Surf off Canoa.

-Dance the night away with friendly locals in Canoa.

The boardwalk in Bahia




Ecuador Residency: 8 Mistakes that’ll Cost You


I know the feeling.

That feeling you get when you look around a country and think “man, I love it here.” …

…And then for immigration reasons, or due to a lack of legal residency, you got to go.

It’s happened to me, but I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

One big plus of moving to Ecuador is the ease with which you can get legal residency.  A pension of at least $800 a month or an investment of $25k or more will qualify you!

In Panama, for instance, the minimum investment to get a resident visa is several times larger.

But it’s not a “breeze” by any means, there’s a lot of mis-information out there… learn from my mistakes and follow these 8 “don’t dos”to save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars when applying for your Ecuador residency:

8. Don’t have others apostille your documents in your home country. Before coming to Ecuador you’ll need a few documents apostilled by your local Secretary of State. Others like your document translator will probably offer to apostille your documents, but for around 5 times what you’d pay if you just did it yourself.

7. Don’t do official translations in the US.  Wait for Ecuador to translate official documents, there are translators outside the immigration offices in Quito and Guayaquil that will do the official translating for a small fraction of what you’d pay per page in the US.  Just don’t give them your documents and leave, see the job through!

6. Don’t try to notarize your passport in the US.  Wait for Ecuador to try to notarize copies of documents like your passport, in Ecuador it will cost $1 per notarized copy, if done in the US you’d have to mail it to DC (because local notaries can’t notarize a national document) and pay $50 or more. Talk about a pain in the a$$.

5. Upon arrival don’t wait to submit your residency application.  You must submit your resident visa application at least 30 days before your actual visa expires or you will have to leave country and come back before applying.

4. Don’t apply for an investor’s visa if a pensioner’s visa is an option for you, because with an investor’s visa you are tied to that property, if you sell your investment you will lose your residency visa and have to apply for a new one.

3. Don’t apply from outside of Ecuador.  Just don’t.  Trying to get people in Ecuador to move if you aren’t breathing down their neck is like trying to train a cat, it just ain’t gonna happen!  Get the few docs you need from your home country, then come here and finish the process and you can get it done in a month.

2. Don’t apply for Pensioner visas in Cuenca just yet, because the immigration office in Cuenca is so new it’s not correctly attached to the nationwide records system so come time to get your “cedula”(your Ecuadorian ID card) you may have trouble in Guayaquil or Quito (as of now, July 2012, you can’t get cedulas in Cuenca).

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$45k, 1 bedr, Manta Ocean-view condo



Asking $45k, 1 bedroom, Manta Ocean-view condo.

My take: The condo is a few blocks off the beach, in a nice area of Manta and has an ocean view (only from the bedroom). The building is relatively new, well-cared and has an elevator which is a big plus. Most condos sell for a bit more in this area.

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$55k, Beachfront lot in San Clemente 1000 m2


Beachfront lot in San Clemente 1000 m2 asking $55k negotiable.

My take: Can’t go wrong with beachfront property and with this sized lot (not in any gated community) you could do a lot of things, plus its in a good area (near a large expat development) on one of the sunniest beaches in Ecuador (San Clemente).  Especially if you get the seller down say $5-10k more, if the title checks out, it could be an excellent buy based on what i know about market prices in the area.

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Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale


One price for WHOLE HOUSE, more private than a hotel and fit as many people as you wish!…

3 bedroom with one queen bed each, 2 full bathrooms, fully furnished kitchen with dining table and mini-refrigerator, patio with hammocks overlooking the ocean, dining area…

House has internet and WIFI.

This quiant house has a 180 degree ocean view and has a great location in a quiet area just outside of the hustle of nearby Montanita. It is 25 minutes by walking along the beach to Montanita (shares same beach), or 2 minutes by car (or a $1.50 taxi ride). See map below.

montanita home rentals

Furnished kitchen with plates, fridge, refrigerator and gas stove.

Pets OK, garden, yard, parking area.

$30 per day, $180 per week, $380 per month (including internet).

$100 security deposit, can rent for days, weeks or months.

After reservation you will be emailed the key pick up instructions and our caretaker will let you in the house the day of your arrival and help you get acquainted.

Click here to check availability and reserve now!

Or call Dom at 0969251257 or write us below:

[contact-form 16 “montanitaVacRen”]

manglaralto beach
The nearby beach, just south of Montanita.




montanita vacation rentals


montanita ecuador






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Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale
Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale