Authentic Ecuador Experience: Bike 60 km Downhill from the Andes to the Mouth of the Amazon

For anyone visiting Ecuador that likes to bike ride, this one is a must!

Did you know you can ride 60 km downhill in one day (about 5-7 hrs) from high in the Andes to the mouth of the Amazon, then catch a bus with your bike back up?

mountain biking in Ecuador
Biking in Ecuador from Banos to Puyo, anyone can do it…

To begin, you need to go to Banos, a beautiful spa town about 4 hours from Quito. There, there are many locales where you can rent a bike for the day for around $5.

With the bike, you need to go to the main road and start your downhill journey (no tour guide needed). Once the Best bike computer is affixed to your bike, you should have no worries of going astray.

80% is downhill, you will pass waterfalls, small pueblos and notice abrupt changes in the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. It is useful to take a poncho in case a sudden rainstorm hits.

Banos Ecuador
Just outside Banos Ecuador

The 60 km journey will end in Puyo, a town in the Amazon, where you can catch a bus for a few dollars back up to Banos, putting your bike under the bus. Puyo is located south of Tena and west of Yasuni National Park.

This is a MUST try for anyone who likes being outdoors and riding bikes!

Puyo Ecuador
The Mouth of the Amazon near Puyo Ecuador

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