Money, ATM’s, Carrying Cash in Ecuador

How should I carry cash in Ecuador?

Good question. Don’t bring traveler’s checks! They are a pain to cash, no one takes them and if you do find a bank that cashes them they will cut out a hefty fee!

It’s better to come down with a few hundred dollars cash in hand and an ATM card from your US bank, connected to the “Cirrus” network with a Visa logo. You can inquire in your bank if your card is connected to the network or not, if it is, you will be able to withdraw money from any ATM with the visa logo in Ecuador (not all but many have it).

You will have to pay a small fee to the machine ($1-2) and an additional fee to your US bank ($2-3). So that’s why getting an account in Ecuador is the best bet for long term living in Ecuador.

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