Beauty Duty: Beauty Salon Prices in Ecuador

“We all are beautiful on the inside.” true but it sure feels good to look good on the outside.

In the USA, a trip to the beauty salon is a luxury enjoyed once every long while, but in Ecuador, a visit to the salon for many women is a weekly routine. Why? It is SO cheap comparatively. Here are some examples of current 2010 prices (All in USD):

Women’s hair cut: USA $30, Ecuador $9
Men’s Hair cut: USA $20, Ecuador $3-5

Hair coloring: USA $75, Ecuador $35
Highlights USA $90, Ecuador $40
Manicure: USA $16, Ecuador $5
Pedicure: USA $35, Ecuador $7-10

Facial: USA $90, Ecuador $10-20
Massage: USA $80, Ecuador $10-15

This is a guest post from Clara Salgado, of Dream Ecuador, who shows foreign buyers the hottest investment opportunities in Ecuador through her real estate tours in Ecuador.

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