Undervalued Real Estate in Ecuador

Yes, Ecuador property is still considerably cheaper than other “discovered” areas in Latin America like say…Costa Rica.

But there are a few places where prices have already risen, and other areas that are just as nice as the higher priced areas but not quite as discovered and well…a lot cheaper.

Quito, Cuenca and Cotacachi are three places in the Andes where prices have risen in recent years, and for Ecuador…higher priced.

In Quito, for instance, 1 bedroom apartments/condos in decent areas start around $35-40k, 2 bedroom apartments in nicer areas start from around $45k…Houses aren’t common considering it’s a big city.

Now, in this area ( the Andes or highlands region) for me, Ibarra and and the nearby area is a hidden gem with beautiful scenery with still undiscovered low prices that should be considered.

Ibarra is a small colonial town tucked into the green Andes a few hours north of Quito, and about 45 minutes from Cotacachi.

I like the town of Ibarra but many like the nearby countryside and towns which are blessed with alpine beauty and little fertile valleys good for growing just about anything you can imagine.

The town is safe, with friendly people, a mild-temperate climate and is cheap…even for Ecuador.

As for the coast…

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