Where’s Best for Some “Peace, Quiet, and Scenery” in Ecuador?

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An example of a peaceful villa get-a-way on the coast near the Olon area.

Sure! Now that depends on what you mean by “scenery”, if a friend were to ask me that I would immediately assume he meant “how are the local gals in the area?”…but anyways…I think I get what you’re saying, “scenery” in the traditional sense…

I’d recommend the areas in the Andes (if you like the mountain scene) of Cotacachi-Otavalo-Ibarra area or in the south of Ecuador Vilcabamba or the beautiful areas just north and south of Cuenca.

As for the coast, most of the coast is still undeveloped so you can pretty much take your pick… for peace and quiet I like Ballenita near Salinas, the Olon area and maybe up north in Pedernales (but you feel real secluded here).

The noisiest parts of the coast are the Ecuadorian party towns… Salinas (Jan-Apr), Crucita, Montanita and Atacames. I’d avoid these areas if “quiet” is your ideal.

Hope that helps, send me your questions about Ecuador via the contact form…thanks, Domenick

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