How to Hire Internet in Ecuador: Service Provider Options

Internet is readily available and cheap in Ecuador…you have several options…my personal favorites are TELMEX and TVCable…

With TelMex I pay $18 a month for internet with reasonably good speed…i can watch videos and listen to radio online ok…no contract required, no installation fees…you could hire for one month and chao, no strings attached (just like I like it)…

With TVCable they charge $36 a month for Cable TV(41 channels), broadband internet, and a local phone line with 700 minutes included per month (to other land lines)…

If you are really out in the boonies, I would recommend getting a Huawei with Porta…it is one of those USB cards you can plug in to your lap top and connect to the internet anywhere there is cell phone access (which is almost anywhere in Ecuador except maybe the deep amazon jungle)…

…the cost for the huawei is around $80, and then around $30 per month, prepaid, you can also buy day cards for $3 (last I checked)…But caution, this type of connection will be slow!

As for getting free WIFI internet, I usually have luck in Ecuador in the biggest malls in town, the lobbies of up-scale hotels (being a foreigner they probably won’t even ask you if you are a guest).

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One thought on “How to Hire Internet in Ecuador: Service Provider Options”

  1. Hi, We really like your news letter. My Husband and I are looking fro a rental LONG LONG TERM in Cuenca, close into town. If you know of anyone seeking renter, please let us know. will be moveing to Cuenca in November.

    John and Joyula
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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