Is Ecuador Dangerous for your Pets?

My cat in Ecuador, found on the street as a kitten. 

I get this question a lot.

And from what I’ve seen, YES, Ecuador is dangerous for your pet.

Let me explain.

I’m the manager of a small hotel in Guayaquil.

Everyday we get guests who are recent arrivals on their big move to Ecuador.

Some of them bring pets.

But if I talk to the guests about a month or two after they’ve been in Ecuador, it never fails, their pet has deceased.


Various reasons.

One dog brought by expats was attacked and killed by 2 street dogs.

Another dog died of a disease.

The thing is in Ecuador animals aren’t viewed upon like in the States, they aren’t ever fully integrated into a family, nor do Ecuadorians share their bed with them.

That’s just how it is.

Just like any 3rd world country, there are many street cats and dogs people just let roam.

And unknown diseases for your pet they’re simply not used to are plentiful.

All in all, I wouldn’t bring my pet to Ecuador.

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