How much should you pay a caretaker for your beach house in Ecuador?

Good question.

Not much.

I’ve owned several properties on the coast of Ecuador, and currently own one for sale.

All I can say is how much I pay. I pay a local guy $10 a week to go to the house once or twice a week at different times and check if everything is OK, dust and sweep up a bit, water the plants and just kind of spend a bit of time there.

That’s it.

He also shows the home to interested buyers upon request. So one important requirement is that he has and answers a cell phone.

Like anything in Ecuador, always try to pay the locals the going rate, or a little bit better, or they will probably label you a rich gringo, get greedy and want more and more and more.

Best to ask other locals how much they pay for similar services before paying yourself.

NEVER have the mindset of, “well, in the USA we pay this much for a similar service, so anything less would be a deal”.

Newsflash: this ain’t Kansas anymore, think like that and you will overpay for sure!
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