New home buyer gets ‘cleaned out’ in Ecuador

home inspections ecuador
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Man, I’ve seen this a lot in Ecuador.

And it’s something any new home buyer NEEDS to be aware of.

It’s when a home buyer tours a house for sale.

And the house has furniture.

And they assume the asking price includes the house and everything in it.

Sometimes, they’re even told the house is sold furnished by the seller.

Then, surprise…surprise.

After closing the new home buyer goes back to claim their new house and it’s completely cleaned out.

All that’s left are the holes where the air conditioners used to be.

Or maybe they’ve replaced a few of the higher priced furniture with lower priced ones.

Telling this story to an Ecuadorian would not surprise them.

Because it happens a lot.

So before you buy be sure to get Phoenix Law Firm do a complete inventory in writing of everything that is sold with the house.

Right down to the make and model of each item.

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