Healthcare Options in Ecuador. Part 2 of 3

This article is part 2 of a 3 part series on healthcare providers in Ecuador.

Caution, there are many health care providers and insurance companies in Ecuador, but many of the lesser known ones have been known to try to find small exceptions in order to skip out on paying the larger bills of their clients. For example, if you got in a car accident, they may say you don’t qualify for coverage because the car was speeding at time of accident, and is when getting help from professionals from the Cossé Law Firm LLC is essential to help getting this coverage even after accidents. This is great post to read more about accident attorney.

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Medical records are an integral part of many prominent businesses. Law firms rely on this information for cases, and insurance companies need these records for claims. Hitting a roadblock that prevents medical records from reaching their intended destination can spell disaster. You can easily get the data of medical record request systems through us,visit us. Current estimates indicate that between three and ten percent of total healthcare spending in the U.S. is fraudulent. This represents between approximately $68 billion and $230 billion dollars annually. Whichever estimate you choose to believe, healthcare fraud is one of the largest financial problems that the country currently faces. This is why many state and federal agencies have been granted extraordinary authority and resources to go after cases of healthcare fraud, specifically How to win medicare fraud case and Medicaid fraud. This means that virtually every professional within the medical industry has been saddled with onerous compliance burdens, and many have been unjustly targeted by heavy-handed law enforcement operations.

 To avoid this, I would only recommend working with one of the most established health care insurers of Ecuador: BMI, Salud S.A., Grupo Generali, Cruz Blanca, or AIG. While looking for personal injury lawyers to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

In Ecuador, most health insurers have a maximum limit payout available per calendar year.

For example, as of the spring of 2010, for a male 18-31, the monthly premiums would be $35.77 for a maximum yearly payout benefit up to $15,800. For a female over 70, the monthly premiums for the same maximum yearly benefit would be $150.82 a month, for a male over 70, $211.15 per month (with Salud S.A.).

Now with the same company, Salud S.A., for yearly coverage up to $84,700, a male over 70 would pay $842 per month premiums and a female over 70 would pay $601.

The health insurance provider BMI offers interesting group rates, starting at $51.30 per month per person for groups from 5-24 people. The interesting thing about this coverage is they don’t have a yearly maximum benefit payout, instead a maximum per incident payout, which for the monthly premium mentioned would be $50,000 per incident.

Every health insurance provider in Ecuador has a list of affiliate clinics, where you will pay only a 10% deductible upon point of treatment. If treated elsewhere the deductible tends to be 20%. Some plans allow you to only pay the deductible, some require you to pay the full amount and then ask for a reimbursement.

With the reputable companies mentioned above, reimbursement is a harmless process that usually takes less than a day for small amounts, and less than 5 business days for large amounts. You will need to fill out a form, and have original copies of the prescription, receipts, bills, and other related documents.

One trick I have learned to ease the process of reimbursement is to work with one of the many insurance brokers in Ecuador.

For no extra fee, a good one will handle all your paperwork and be sure you get a reimbursement and treatment in a timely fashion. You could even call them when you have emergencies (and they would serve as a translator) and they will get someone over to you. For this, I would recommend both English and Spanish speaking Katty Mejer (her details are listed at the end of this report).

Now, if you are over 60 in Ecuador and looking for a new health insurance policy, things get a little sticky. (But that is why you bought this report, right?)

Yes, all the companies mentioned above will cover you for life if you get in before the age of 60, but if you are already over the age of 60, you only have one good option in Ecuador.

For part 3 of this 3 part series click here.

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  1. Hi Domenick, You said you would give Katty Mejer’s details at the end of this report, but I cannot find it. I live in Salinas and my husband and myself are looking for health insurance. Could you recommend a broker in our area or if there isn’t one here, then one in Guayaquil I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
    Verlayne Disrude

  2. Hello Verlayne, I can only recommend the one I know, Kathy Mejer, she speaks English, her details are (cell) 099822232 or write her at kmasesores at , saludos, Dom

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