The Top Grocery Stores of Ecuador?

Question: Hey Dom, Are there grocery stores in Ecuador, if so, which ones do you recommend and what about in the remote areas?

Supermaxi is a good place to find all your food and clothing essentials at a reasonable price (wal mart style big box store).

AKI is another good, inexpensive big box store to pick up food.

ROSE is another big box store where you can find CHEAP clothing.

FERRISARIATO is a great place to pick up all your HOME DEPOT type home accessories for the handyman types.

As far as in the more remote places…

No, no Giant eagle or Longs-type stores down here in the more remote parts of the coast, like around the Olon area, but in every small town there are numerous corner stores that carry fresh produce, vegetables, chicken, fish and more. So you should not have problems. (The locals got to eat too right.)

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