Flying standby to Ecuador without getting bumped

Working near the airport I have a chance to converse daily with travelers who get bumped trying to fly standby to or from Ecuador.

Thing is, most international airlines like Delta, United or Copa only have one flight to and from Ecuador daily.

So especially in peak season chances of getting on your first try are slim.

Here’s what I’d do to greatly improve your chances…

1. Don’t fly during peak season in Ecuador which is July-August and late December to early April.

2. Bogota!  If you have trouble getting out of Quito try buying a cheap one way flight on the budget carrier Wingo for around $150 to nearby Bogota.  Your chances of then getting out of Bogota (a city of 10 million people with hoards of flights to match) are much greater.

3. Fly on Sundays.  From the flow of my airport hotel in Quito, I can tell you the lowest travelled days are often Sundays.

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