Why did you choose Ecuador?

I chose to live in Ecuador for 5 basic reasons over my natal US…

1. Food- Cheap, Delicious, organic, natural…great.

2. Low Costs– You really can live for $600 a month, not have to drive, eat for $2, and pay $150 month in rent in a decent but small, simple place.

3. Mild Weather– The weather in Ecuador is warm yet very mild, there are many places with micro-climates, you can pick and chose however hot or cold you want and live in that temperature all year round.

4. Single’s scene– Ecuador is great for single men and women, the locals dig foreigners…

5. Cheap, plentiful public transport– Taxis and buses are EVERYWHERE and cheap, the minimum fare is $1 for taxis in most places in Ecuador! It REALLY is not necessary to own a car in Ecuador…I have gone years here without one and I really have never felt I needed one.

If you already chose Ecuador, please leave in the comments below why you decided to make Ecuador your home!

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