First Impressions: Seeing the US after 2 Years in Latin America

I was born and raised in the US, but today I just arrived after almost 2 straight years out of the country, I’ll be here for about 2 weeks.

Thought I’d mention the first things that stuck out after a lengthy time in Ecuador.

The first thing that hit me in the US was the airport shuttle that offered to give me a lift for about 40 meters to my check in gate…won’t see that in Ecuador.

Then, figuring out the automatic check in machines at the airport was more than a little tricky. (In Ecuador, you still have real humans.)

I then proceeded to notice the airport security has gotten more anal, as illustrated by the confiscation of my hand cream and nail clippers. …I am not MacGyver, come on…Hand cream and clippers do not a weapon make.

Then, while waiting for my connecting flight I noticed that khaki shorts with loafers without socks is quite a common look these days…way different than Ecuador.

Also, I noticed iphones are huge in the States, in Ecuador, I almost never see them, just Blackberries.

Saludos, Domenick

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