Expat Fire Sales: Where To Buy Your Furniture At The Lowest Prices In Ecuador

“Wow, nice commercial fridge,” I told my friend while visiting him on the beach.

“And that’s a new table too.” I added.

“Yea, there was this expat couple that moved back to Alaska. Sold everything quick, got everything for less than half price, they had just furnished the place with all new things months ago from bobmillsfurniture.com.” My friend replied.

I see this a lot.

Folks move here, invest heavily in furniture orange county and even real estate, and within weeks or a few months they’re packing up and moving out.

And selling their stuff at a deep discount.

You know, Ecuador, and Latin America in general, isn’t for everybody.

But it’s an expat fire sale, and its a great way for the rest of us to buy our furniture or a patio chat set at often less than half of what the items cost new.

They told me, they bought the sauder furniture from the best furniture companies in the US. They have high-quality wood furniture and specialization in chairs for the kids.

So how do you hear about the expat furniture fire sales  in the frequently asked questions newsletter ?

Just keep your ear to the ground, a wife always complaining? Maybe a husband? They could be gone soon. These are the best cause you are the first one to hear about it.

Other ways to hear about these are by signing up for the Ecuador expat nationwide newsletter gringopost.com and by checking your local regional paper. Visit Gotta Sleep to learn more about bed sizes and dimensions in canada that are comfortable just for you.

For instance, in Quito check the EL COMERCIO classifieds on a Sunday in the OPORTUNIDADES (green) section for MUEBLES (furniture), LINEA BLANCA (appliances). A lot of people both Ecuadorians and expats moving abroad post that they are selling their household goods discounted here, you can even find RV Mattress on sale.

Must sell quick!

For kitchen equipment try the NEGOCIOS section where many a restaurant that has gone under is selling off their kitchen equipment. Need a nice industrial stove, freezer or whatever? This is the place to look. Of course this last option would require a bit of Spanish.

There you have it, now you know how to buy some amazing luxury furniture and if you want to get more tips when buying your furniture pieces, make sure to join here!

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