Ecuador eMail Scams: Know this Before you Hand out your Email in Ecuador

If you hate email spam, know this before you come to Ecuador…

Email spam laws are on the books in Ecuador but are not very well enforced. Spam is common from some Ecuador businesses.

Several local businesses will ask for your email when making a purchase or requesting information…but before you give it out, know that chances are they are going to put your email into their database and begin sending you promo emails, while not offering you a chance to opt out or asking first.

Also, often, even writing businesses via their web contact form will pool your email into their database and you will begin to see unwanted emails from them.

So, be careful when giving out your email in Ecuador and I also recommend having two emails, a real one and a junk one you give out to everyone and sign up for things with online. As for the junk email, you don’t care the slightest how much junk it receives.

Another recommendation is to open a gmail account. It’s free, easy to use and has excellent spam filters when compared to the other email service providers.

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