2010 Ecuador Grocery Price List

I got these prices snooping around a local grocery store in the Quito area in 2010.

butter (2 sticks)= $1.40

cheese 250g= $1.50

Mango (peeled, ready to eat) = .50

Grapefruit= .60/k

Limes= .75/k

Red delicious apples= $3.03/k

Bag of lettice= $1-1.50

Vegetable oil= $1.93/2L

Rice= $2/2k bag

Pasta= $.75/400g bag

Heinz Ketchup= $2/400g

Olive oil= $3.60/250g

Fresh Coconut= $.80

Strawberries= $1.50/500g

Chilean Wine= From $5.76/bottle

Sugar= $1.36/2k bag

Oatmeal= $.63/500g

Tea= .75/box

Nescafe Coffee= $2.01/50g

Bread= $1/loaf

eggs= $1.80/12pack

milk= $1.01/1L

fresh squeezed orange juice= $1/1cup

Absolute Vodka= $19.33/750ML

Jose Cuervo Tequila= $24.83/750ML

Corn Flakes= $4.13/500g box

Full Chicken= $4.31

Ground Beef= $3.03/.481kg

Pilsener(local) Beer= $2.87/6pck

Heineken= $1.19/1can

Budweiser= $.91/1can

OFF bug spray= $4.39/250cm3

Colgate toothpaste= $1.35/75ml

Listerine= $3.61/360ML

Mineral Water= From $.30/250ml bottle

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