Can I Drink the Water in Ecuador from the Tap?

flowers of ecuador
The many flowers of Ecuador sure love the local drinking water...

Question: Hey Dom, What’s the water situation like on the coast of Ecuador?  I have read about water not being good or even available in some areas on the coast?

Answer: Thankfully, water is not only available but cheap in all of Ecuador.

Ecuador is blessed with a lot of rain in some areas, granting cheap water to all.  Most people in the small towns on the coast have their own wells or “bombas” (water tanks) that they have to pay to be filled every so often.

That being said, you can’t drink the water from the tap, but it is good enough to use to brush your teeth, wash your fruit, etc.  (Unlike in some countries!)

Most, like myself in fact, drink fresh juices from street vendors on a daily basis (who often use tap water), and I have never gotten food poisoned in Ecuador (but I have been poisoned in other Latin countries).

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