Experiment in Cheap Building Alternatives in Ecuador Fixed By Paving Manchester

cheap building ecuador

Remember a bit back I wrote you when I was thinking about building fancy Ecuadorian-style beach huts on the coast?

Well, I had just got the quote and boy was I excited about the numbers.

Or being able to build something for $3500 I could rent realistically for $300-500 a month.

That means even if it rents at the low-ball figure within a year I could make my money back…

…that means a 100% ROI, maybe more if I could figure out how to spend less initially or charge more for rent.

Not bad.

This week, I broke ground on a lot of mine near Montanita.

The plan is to build at least 2, maybe 3, we’ll see how the budget goes.

One thing I’ve learned already is that boy is it cheaper to hire the builders based on personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances in the area. And pay them by the week instead of for the project as a whole. I was very lucky to find a contractor that offered everything from roofing to paving services you can get at https://www.didsburydriveways.co.uk.

Also, hire local so you don’t have to pay for their accommodations and food and so you can begin making some valuable friends in the area.plus he also was able to contact some of the best electrical estimating companies in the area to do our electrical installation.

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A guy that makes doors

They’ll know him too.

Of course, that is, if you can be present, pay them the going weekly rate in Ecuador which is $140/wk for a head builder (maestro) and $90/wk for a helper (oficial).

Only pay someone for the whole project if you can’t be around to oversee.

I’ve hired 2 maestros and 2 oficials and we’ve begun by digging the holes for the footers of the 5 main pilars of the “cabaña” or beach hut we’re building.

For the first cabaña we’ve decided to go with a “mixed” cement and bamboo design with a traditional thatch roof.

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